The Bridge School


Transition extends the mission of The Bridge School by:

  • Documenting effective education and communication strategies for each child
  • Working collaboratively with the educational team to support inclusion throughout the student’s placement at The Bridge School
  • Developing and implementing curriculum that addresses self-determination and independence
  • Developing tools and strategies to support effective transition for students
  • Supporting the transition of students from The Bridge School to their home school district or other educational placements
  • Guiding families in the transition process
  • Offering collaborative services to district personnel to ensure successful participation for our students in their new educational environments
  • Extending support to our graduates in post-secondary education, career development, community-based programs and other aspects of adult life, as students move beyond school age.
  • Helping prepare students to engage in life-long learning opportunities

The Bridge School Model

The Bridge School Curriculum and Course of Study logoChơi trò chơi icaThe Bridge School provides high quality academic and social experiences that encompass a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities across all subject areas with concurrent emphasis on supporting students’ use of assistive technologies, development of communicative competence with augmentative and alternative communication (

Communicative Competence imagesAt The Bridge School, we believe that communication is a process of making meaning through shared engagement and interaction. We all have the desire to create meaningful connections with others, to learn and to share new knowledge, to talk and engage authentically with the important people in our lives.

Communicative Competence is “the ability to communicate functionally in the natural environment and to adequately meet daily communication needs” (Light, 1989). In order to develop communicative competence, our students with complex communication needs (

sdp400x382Chơi trò chơi icaIt is essential for students with complex communication needs (





Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) is a major cause of low vision in children in the developed and developing world due to increasing survival in pediatric and neonatal care (Phillip & Dutton, 2014).  Chơi trò chơi icaCVI is also the most prevalent visual impairment for students at The Bridge School. Our students with CVI and Severe Speech and Physical Impairment (


11/18/2020 —  CVI and Its Impact on AAC: Issues and Considerations – A Panel Discussion – Archive available

Live Webinar Date: October 30, 2020 Our Oct 30th webinar on CVI and Its Impact on AAC:  Issues and Considerations – A Panel Discussion was a success! If you missed the live webinar, don’t worry! We have a recorded archived version available on our website and it is free to view.  You must register on our site to … – Continue reading

10/15/2020 —  COVID-19 Updates and Information

We are working closely with the Hillsborough City School District and San Mateo County Health Department and the County Office of Education in terms of monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We are keeping abreast with the situation and as new information is received, will be posted here. Hillsborough City School District – San Mateo County Office of … – Continue reading

2/15/2018 —  Framing a Future is now under the Self-Determination Program website

FAF is a tool designed to assist students/young adults who use AAC, their families, and professionals in identifying preferences, interests and needs as they begin preparing for the transition from school based programs to a post school setting. It was designed to be student-centered and assist the student/young adult and their family to prepare for and self-advocate … – Continue reading

9/5/2017 —  Hurricane Harvey support for AAC users and families

USSAAC (US Society of AAC) has set up a website designed to help people who use AAC and their family members in communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Individuals with complex communication needs, family members and professionals can request help that results in re-establishing someone’s ability to communicate using AAC methods. Professionals, companies, and institutions can … – Continue reading

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